November 17th & 18th- Miss kiki visits the playroom!

Miss kiki will be available alone or with Miss Dandy. Contact miss dandy for details!

November 18th-Spanksgiving!

Princess Dandy is throwing her annual spanking party at the playroom! you must buy your ticket before 4pm on the 18th. contact miss dandy to attend. tickets: $50

Welcome to my site!

My  name  is  Princess Dandy,  and  I'm  a  25  year old professional dominatrix,  fetish guide, and fetish  film  creator.

I  host  sessions  and  events   at  my  fully stocked  Playroom  in  southern  New  Hampshire.

I  love  exploring  new  fetishes  as  well  as perfecting  the  classics!  There  are  very  few fetishes  I  don't  enjoy.

PLease  take  a  look  around  my  website  and contact  me  if  you  have  questions  or  are  ready  to  make  an  appointment!  Let's  play!

Princess Dandy

upcoming EVENTS At the playroom: